What if the tenant was not the right one anyway?

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If for some reason you have reconsidered your choice of tenant for your rental property, it is crucial that you carefully consider and investigate your rights as a landlord before taking any action.

Once both you and the tenant have signed the lease agreement, there are specific requirements regarding how and, if applicable, within what timeframe the termination of the lease should occur, according to Lejeloven (The Danish Property Rental Law).

Lejeloven also distinguishes between whether you are renting out an entire home or just a room and whether, as a landlord, you can terminate or dissolve the lease agreement.

Terminating the lease means ending the rental agreement in accordance with the termination conditions outlined in the lease contract and as legally applicable according to the law. As a landlord, you can only terminate the agreement if you meet the specific requirements (including notice period) described in Lejeloven – for example, if you are moving into the property yourself or if the property is to be demolished.

Dissolving the lease means that the rental agreement ends with immediate effect. This can occur if the tenant intentionally and severely breaches the obligations outlined in the lease contract – for instance, if the tenant fails to pay rent for an extended period or intentionally causes significant damage to the property.

BoligPortal is solely an advertising platform for rental properties, and as such, we do not provide legal guidance or intervene in specific disputes between tenants and landlords.

If you have questions or need assistance regarding the termination of your tenant, we recommend that you contact a lawyer, legal advisor, or another legal entity with expertise in the Danish Rental Law (Lejeloven).

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