How do I create a moving inspection report through BoligPortal?

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This is an article about BoligPortal's free service for conducting and managing moving inspection reports, which is currently available in Danish. Therefore, images and some phrasing in this guide may appear in Danish. 

If you have any questions or need assistance with your moving inspection reports, you're always welcome to contact BoligPortal's Customer Service

We recommend that you create and fill out parts of the moving inspection report before conducting the inspection with the tenant.

This way, you can prepare the rooms and units of the rental property so that you can focus on documenting any issues and not waste time on tasks like setting up the individual rooms.

However, the inspection must be physically reviewed and signed together with the tenant before the final inspection report can be created.


How to create a moving inspection report through BoligPortal

To create a move-in or move-out inspection, you must be logged in to the BoligPortal user account where the respective rental property is registered.


  1. Create an inspection via the 'Inspection reports' tab, then click on '+ Opret flyttesyn – gratis' (Create inspection - free) or via the 'Alle lejemål' (All rentals) tab, and then click '+ Opret flyttesyn' (Create inspection) next to the rental property
    It doesn't matter which path you choose to create your inspection.

  2. Select whether you want to create an inspection for move-in or move-out
    You will then be directed to the editing tool for the specific inspection.

  3. Fill out all the details about the inspection
    You can expand the boxes below for more details about each part of the 'Detaljer om synet' (Details about the inspection) section, including help on how to fill it out.


    Vælg lejeforold (Select tenant)

    Select the tenant or tenants associated with the rental unit from the drop-down menu.

    If you've already assigned one or more tenants to the rental unit, for example, under the 'Lejeforhold' tab or when creating a free digital lease agreement through BoligPortal, the tenant(s) will already be on the list.

    If you want to create a new lease relationship consisting of one or more tenants, simply click on 'Nyt lejeforhold'.

    Datoer (Dates)

    Enter the date for the notice and the actual date and time of the move-in or move-out inspection.

    Important: For move-out inspections, you are legally required to provide written notice to the tenant with a minimum of one week's notice, unless the tenant specifically consents to a shorter deadline. If you are creating a move-out inspection and enter an inspection date less than one week from the notice date, a yellow warning box will prompt you.

    14 dages fejl- og mangelperiode (14 days error and deficiency period)
    If you're in the process of creating a move-in inspection, you will encounter this box:

    By checking the box 'Indhent fejl og mangler fra lejer' the tenant will automatically receive a link to fill out your digital move-in report when the 14-day error and deficiency period begins. As a landlord, you will then automatically receive notice and be sent the tenant's reported errors and deficiencies, which will now be documented correctly.

    Udlejer/synsrepræsentant (Landlord/inspection representative)

    In this field, you should specify the person who will actually conduct the moving inspection. It can either be yourself as the landlord or an inspection representative, such as a janitor or administrative staff.

    If you check the box ' Gør det muligt at foretage syn via link' (Allow inspection via link), you will automatically generate an administrator link to the report.

    This link allows your inspection representative to open and complete the report using BoligPortal's inspection report app without needing access through your profile.

    Learn more about how to open the report via a link here.

    Kopimodtager (Copy recipient)

    If you need other people besides yourself to receive information about the specific inspection (including the completed inspection report), you can add them as copy recipients in this field.

    You simply insert their email addresses, and they will receive copies after the inspection is completed.

    Note: This is for internal use only, such as if a janitor or administrator needs access. Your tenant will automatically receive the completed report after the moving inspection, so you should not add tenant(s) here.

    Tilføj syn til kalender (Add inspection to calendar)

    If you or your inspection representative need to add the inspection to your/their calendar, you can click on ''Tilføj til egen kalender' (Add to your calendar) or create the event as a calendar event and send it in an email by clicking ''Send begivenhed i e-mail' (Send event in email).

    Note: This is for internal use only, such as if you, a janitor, or administrator need to schedule the move-in inspection in your calendar. Therefore, you should not use this function to invite the tenant to the inspection.

    Read more about this step here


    Intern lejemålsnummer (Internal rental property number)
    If you have many rental properties, you can enter the internal number for the rental property in this field, if applicable.

  4. Fill in all the information about your tenant and indicate whether the tenant is present at the inspection
    Whether the tenant is present at the inspection will affect how you sign the report, as further described in point 9 of this guide.

  5. Fill in all the rooms in the rental property, including any defects and issues
    In this section, you have the opportunity to create the rooms that make up your rental property and indicate whether they have any defects or issues relevant to the move-in or move-out inspection.

    For a move-in inspection: Here, you describe the condition of the rental property at the beginning of the tenancy, such as whether the floors have been refinished and the property has been freshly painted, or if there are existing damages.

    For a move-out inspection: Here, you list all the defects and issues you observe during the move-out inspection.

    You can read more about how to document defects, damages, and issues in the moving reports here.

  6. Fill in information about the readings of utility meters 
    We recommend that you add a picture of the meter as documentation when recording readings. You can add multiple meters and units by clicking on '+ Tilføj måler' such as water, heating, gas, and oil meters.

  7. Add information about keys and/or access cards to the rental property
    To document keys issued and any lost keys or access cards, we recommend that you specify them in this field by clicking '+ Tilføj nøgle/adgangskort' (Add key/access card).

    In the 'Ekstra information' (Additional information) field, you can add pictures of keys issued or returned and make notes about specific conditions related to keys for the rental property, such as special guidelines or procedures in case of key loss.

  8. Add the tenant to the electricity agreement (optional)
    When creating a move-in inspection, you have the option to enroll the tenant in an electricity agreement. This way, neither you nor the tenant will need to separately sign up for the electricity agreement, and the tenant ensures that there is electricity in the rental property on the move-in day.

    Note: The tenant must choose to enroll in electricity during the move-in inspection, and the tenant must fill out the form themselves, including providing their CPR number, for enrollment under this section. You are not allowed to do it on behalf of the tenant.

    Read more about automatic electricity enrollment here.

    BoligPortal 10.png

  9. Finish, sign, and send the move-in inspection report
    The moving inspection is completed, and the report is finalized by going through the report together and then signing it – first as the landlord and then as the tenant.

    The report is signed directly on the landlord's phone or tablet, so we recommend conducting the inspection itself using BoligPortal's inspection report app.

    Read more about how to sign and send the moving inspection report here.



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