What is the flag function in the inbox, and how do I use it?

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When you advertise your property on BoligPortal, you can easily create an overview of all your inquiries in your inbox from prospecting tenants by using our flag function.

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The flag function is especially useful for you who receive many inquiries on your property listing. It makes it easy, for instance, to send standard messages – such as rejections to all red flagged people and invitations to viewings to all green flagged people in your inbox.


Example of using flags
If you receive many inquiries, you can, for example, assign flags to the applications like this:

🟩 Green flag = Strong candidates who should be invited for a viewing
🟨 Yellow flag = Good candidates to be remembered for a potential second viewing round
πŸŸ₯ Red flag = Not interesting candidates, who should be declined


How to categorize inquiries with flags

Give flags one inquiry at a time

When you open a message from a prospective tenant, you can assign a flag directly to that person within the message. This could be, for example, if you already know at this point that the person is not a suitable fit for the property and should receive a rejection, or if you want to note that the person is a strong candidate.

Simply click on 'Choose color' inside the message, followed by the desired flag.


Give flags to multiple inquiries at once

You can easily assign flags to multiple prospective tenants simultaneously. Simply check the boxes next to all the inquiries you want to assign the particular flag to, then click on 'Choose color' and choose the desired flag.


How to send messages to all prospective tenants with the same flag

The flag function is particularly useful if you want to respond to your inquiries with standard messages β€” for example, if you need to send rejections to all the prospective tenants who were not chosen as tenants. Learn more about standard messages here.

Watch the video to see how it's done or follow our guide below.


  1. Go to your BoligPortal inbox and find the rental property for which you want to view inquiries.

  2. Click on 'Filter' and choose the desired flag color
    Afterward, all the inquiries assigned with the selected flag will be grouped together in the list of inquiries.

  3. Check the box for 'Select all conversations'
    You will now see a list of action options for the selected rental properties.

  4. Click on 'Standard Messages' and choose the standard message you want to send to everyone with the selected flag
    The message will be sent individually to each person. There won't be a group conversation created, and the prospective tenants won't be able to see that they have been assigned a flag or that it is a standard message.



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