How do I delete my user profile and all my information on BoligPortal?

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You can always have your personal data deleted, including deletion of your user profile, as long as this does not contradict BoligPortal's contractual and/or legal obligation to retain this data, cf. Article 6(1) of the GDPR regulation.

However, you cannot perform this deletion yourself.

To request deletion of your user profile, please contact our customer service directly by sending an email to or by filling out our contact form.

Note that your request must be sent from the email address associated with the user profile you wish to delete.

This is because our customer service team needs to confirm your identity as part of the security measures to ensure that the request comes from the rightful user.

As we have a legal obligation to retain your deletion request for up to 5 years, all contact regarding deletion of your user profile must be made in writing via the above channels.

You cannot delete your user profile on BoligPortal by calling us.

Terms for deletion:
You cannot be deleted if you have any active payments with us – for example, if your latest subscription period has not expired yet. Deleting your user profile is therefore not a way to terminate your subscription, and deletion can only occur when your subscription is terminated and expired without outstanding unpaid periods.


Why do I need to contact BoligPortal's Customer Service to delete my user profile?

To ensure that your personal information is processed (including deletion) correctly and in accordance with applicable laws, including the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Accounting Act, all user profile deletions must be done through our customer service.

This is to ensure that the deletion is carried out correctly and completely, and that no traces of personal information are left behind.

You can always see how we handle your personal data while you are a user on BoligPortal – both as a landlord and a tenant – as well as your rights to have this data changed or deleted in our privacy policy.


We are obligated according to the Accounting Act.

In cases of payment agreements and when entering into agreements for services as well as advertising vacant rentables, BoligPortal is always required to retain information about the payment or the advertised rentable for 5 years in accordance with the Danish Accounting Act.

This means that we can delete your user profile if you do not have active payment arrangements (including rental search subscriptions), but we will always be obligated to confidentially and securely document and retain the information related to these payments (including name, email address, and date and amount of payment).

This information will never be publicly accessible to any parties.


Do you have any questions regarding the deletion of your user profile and associated data?

All information regarding the terms and handling of personal data at BoligPortal can be found in our terms and/or Privacy Policy.

You can also always contact BoligPortal's customer service via our contact form or directly at


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