How do I cancel my subscription?

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You can cancel your subscription on BoligPortal at any time. Your access to all subscription features will be available to you until your subscription expires.

To cancel your subscription, you must be logged in to the profile associated with the subscription. If you do not find your active subscription when logged in, make sure you are using the correct email address.

Have you purchased your subscription through the App Store or Google Play?
If you have entered into your subscription agreement on your phone via an app store, it is not possible to cancel your subscription through BoligPortal. Instead, the subscription must be canceled directly on your Apple device or Android device.


How to cancel your subscription on BoligPortal

  1. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of BoligPortal and select 'Subscription'
    If you're using our app, you can find your profile in the lower left corner.

    Does your menu bar look different?
    If your menu bar looks different, it is because you have a landlord profile. In this case, you should click on 'More' followed by 'Property seeker subscription'.


  2. Click on 'Cancel subscription' under your active subscriptions.

  3. Make sure your subscription is canceled correctly 
    Your subscription is canceled correctly when the green status message changes to a gray 'Canceled' message. You will also receive a confirmation email when your subscription is canceled correctly.

    If you have not received a cancellation receipt by email, you have not canceled your subscription correctly.

After cancellation, your profile will automatically expire after the current period. You can always see under 'Subscription' how many days you have left of your access.

If you wish to be able to contact landlords on BoligPortal again, you can simply click on 'Reactivate subscription'.



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