How do I know if the landlord has received my message?

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When you contact one or more landlords via BoligPortal's messaging system, all your inquiries and responses will be collected in your inbox on your profile.

You can use the inbox on or on (Danish) BoligPortal's app.

When you send a message to a landlord through their property listing, it will be sent directly to their inbox immediately. As soon as you can see the message in your inbox, the landlord has received it. Once the landlord has read the message, it will be marked as 'Read'.

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Your messages in your inbox are marked in a blue box, and landlords' responses are marked in a white box.

Why am I not getting a response even though the landlord has read my message?

You may very well experience that your message is marked as read without receiving an immediate response from the landlord. You are most likely not the only interested tenant who has written to the landlord, so many landlords go through several or all inquiries about the particular property before deciding who they want to proceed with.

So, don't lose hope if you don't get a response right away, even if the landlord has read your message. You can still get a response later when the landlord is ready.


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