Why am I not hearing from the landlords?

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There can be many reasons why you're not receiving answers to your messages from the landlords you have contacted on BoligPortal. However, there are typically two common reasons behind the lack of response:


Landlords receive many applications and messages

It's normal for landlords on BoligPortal to receive a high volume of messages. Especially in large cities or popular areas, landlords receive a high number of applications from interested tenants.

Therefore, many landlords ..

  • Respond to applicants in multiple rounds, prioritizing those invited for viewings
  • Collect inquiries for some time before selecting the ones they invite for viewings
  • May not be available all the time due to other commitments like jobs or activities alongside their rental business.

Your application hasn't stood out enough

The better the application the quicker responses. Therefore, you can significantly improve your chances by putting effort into your application process.

Some tips to a better application message

  • Avoid short and impersonal messages to landlords
    – including "Hi" I'm interested!" or "Hello. When can I see the property?"
  • Only contact landlords for listings that match your search criteria.
    – It's not beneficial, for example, to contact a landlord for a rental priced at 5800 DKK if your maximum rent is set at 5000 DKK
  • Read the listing carefully and avoiding asking questions that are already answered in the listing
  • Actively use your user profile to catch the landlord's interest
    – including a good profile picture and a comprehensive profile description
  • Put effort into writing a standout application that stands out from the crowd
    – You can find inspiration here.




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