How do I contact the landlord?

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If you're interested in a property on BoligPortal, you can contact the landlord directly through the property ad.


How to contact a property or landlord on BoligPortal 

    1. Go to the property listing you wish to contact and click on 'Contact'
      If the landlord has chosen to connect their phone number to the ad, you can also click on the number and call the landlord directly. You can only call the landlord if the number is provided here.

    2. Choose the subscription plan and payment method you desire
      All our subscription packages can be canceled whenever you wish within the ongoing period.

    3. Log in to your existing user profile – or create a new one.
      To create a new profile, fill out the fields. If you already have a profile, click on 'Already have an account? Log in here' at the bottom of the box

    4. Enter your payment information
      Once the purchase is completed, you'll see a purchase confirmation on the screen. You will also receive an email with a receipt for your purchase.

      The receipt serves as your valid proof of purchase. On the receipt, you can also see the exact time when your subscription will renew. If you do not wish to continue as a subscriber, remember to cancel your subscription before this time.

    5. Now you can send a message to the landlord through our messaging system
      The better the message you send to the landlord, the greater the chance of being invited for a viewing and chosen as a tenant. Read our tips for a strong application here.

You can always view your sent and received messages in your inbox, accessible by clicking on the envelope or 'Messages' in the top-right corner menu.

When the landlord responds to your message, you will automatically receive an email notification about it.



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