Why can't I see the landlord's phone number?

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It is the landlords themselves who choose whether they want to provide a telephone number in their property listing or not. Therefore, not all landlords can be contacted by phone.

It is not possible to obtain the tenant's phone number if it's not provided in the listing.

Many landlords on BoligPortal have multiple advertised rental properties, in addition to their work and family responsibilities. Consequently, for many, it can be more advantageous and manageable to handle communication with potential tenants through messages.

You can always contact the landlord or the property you are interested in through BoligPortal's own messaging system. This makes it easy for you as a prospective tenant to keep track of the messages you send to landlords, while also allowing landlords to quickly and efficiently assess your search profile and get a sense of who you are as a tenant.

Whether it's possible to call the landlord or not, we always recommend our prospective tenants to complete their user profile thoroughly and write a message with a strong application. Learn more about what makes a good application here.


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