Is a verbal agreement enough when renting a property?

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A verbal lease agreement is generally legal and valid in Denmark. However, it can be very challenging to prove its existence and content in case something goes wrong or a dispute arises between the tenant and landlord.

We strongly recommend that you only enter into a rental agreement if there is an official written lease contract signed by both you and the landlord. This way, all parties have a clear reference for your agreement and legal protection in case of disputes.

If a landlord refuses to provide a written lease contract, it could be a sign of potential fraud. Therefore, at BoligPortal, we always ask our landlords to create a written lease contract when they advertise their properties with us.

We also offer a free, digital lease contract – the legally binding Type A10 contract – that our landlords can use freely, and it is signed digitally using NemID for the security of both you and the landlord.

So, always ensure you have a written lease contract when renting a property.



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