How do I remove my rental listing on BoligPortal?

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If you want to remove your rental listing, you need to mark the rental as rented out. After this, the listing will be removed from BoligPortal.

You will still be able to find your listing on your BoligPortal user profile after it is marked as rented out. However, only you as the landlord will still have access to the listing, and it will not be visible to property seekers.

You also have the option to completely delete your rental from BoligPortal's system. Read more about it here.


How to remove the listing by marking the property as rented out

  1. Log in to your BoligPortal user account

  2. Click on 'Advertised rentables' in the blue menu on the left

  3. Click on the three vertical dots next to the rental you want to remove

  4. Click on 'Mark as rented out'


  5. You can now select the property seeker who will be your new tenant.
    Afterward, you can send a rejection to all other property seekers. Click here to read more about sending automatic rejections to other property seekers.

    If you have not chosen a tenant from BoligPortal, you can click on 'Skip selection'.


  6. Finally you confirm that your rental is rented out


Once you have completed all the above steps, the property will be moved to the 'Rented out' tab at the top of the 'Advertised rentables' page. The listing is no longer visible on

You can always reactivate your listing if you want to find a tenant for the rental at a later time. Read more about reactivating here.



Remove your advertisement by permanently deleting the entire rental property

If you want to remove all information and documents associated with your advertisement, you can delete the entire rental property from BoligPortal

Important: When you delete the entire rental property via the menu item 'All rentables', you permanently delete all content associated with the rental property. This may include rental contracts, inspection reports, authorizations, tenancy information, notes, or advertising information related to the rental property.


  1. Click on 'All rentables' in the blue menu in your BoligPortal user profile

  2. Press the three vertical dots next to the rental property you want to delete

  3. Click 'Delete' 

  4. Confirm by clicking 'Delete'         

Once you have followed these steps, the advertisement for the rental property, along with all associated documents, will be permanently deleted. 





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