How do I add pictures to my ad?

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You always have the option to add pictures or videos to your already advertised rental on BoligPortal.

However, we recommend that you add good, bright, and accurate pictures when creating your listing. Additionally, we suggest that your pictures provide a chronological walkthrough of your property and include a floor plan. The better the pictures in your listing, the more interest your property will generate.

If you do not add pictures to your listing, a picture from Google Street View will automatically be inserted.

We only accept image files in .jpg, .jpeg, .jpng, and .png formats, with the maximum size of 10MB each. We do not accept file types such as PDF and HEIC (typically from Apple devices).


How to add images to your advertised rentable

  1. Go to the rental under 'Advertised rentables' and select the relevant address.

    If you have many active listings, you can always search for the specific address in the search field.



  2. Go to the image section in the listing to add, delete, or rearrange your images

    Add photos with the 'Add photo' button
    Delete images by clicking the three dots and selecting 'Remove image
    Rearrange images with the arrows '← →' at the bottom of the image 
    Rotate images with the round arrow '' in the bottom of the image



  3. Set the primary image for the listing by clicking the three dots in the corner of the image.

    The primary image is the one displayed on the search page on BoligPortal, and it is the first image that property seekers see. The better the primary image you choose, the more people will click on your rental listing.


  4. Finish by going to the bottom of the page and clicking 'Save changes'


I can't upload images to my listing. What should I do? 

If you experience issues with uploading images to your listing, it is often because you are using a file format that we do not support – typically PDF or HEIC – or one or more of the images exceed 10 MB.

Find the answer to your question: 


How do I change the file type of my images?

Many Apple and iOS devices automatically save images in the HEIC file format when the live function is enabled. This format is not supported by BoligPortal and cannot be uploaded.

You can change the file type of your images by taking a screenshot of the images in your camera roll and uploading these screenshots instead, or by using an online file converter – for example, this one.

If you search for "HEIC to JPG" on Google, you will find a wide range of conversion solutions.


How do I prevent my iPhone from saving images in HEIC format?

Disable the live function when taking pictures with your iPhone by clicking the live icon in the top right corner of your camera app, so a diagonal line appears over it.



How do I change the file size of my images so they are less than 10MB? 

Regular images taken with a digital camera or a newer smartphone are typically between 2MB and 10MB. If you take pictures in RAW (with professional photo equipment), the images are usually three times as large. To be uploaded on BoligPortal, each of your images must be a maximum of 10MB.

You can easily compress the file size of your images by using software that automatically reduces the file size – for example, this one.

Alternatively, you can Google "Compress image" to find a wide range of compression solutions.


How do I check the file size of my images?

Checking the file size of your images on a computer: 

Right-click on the image file and select 'Properties' (Windows) or 'Get Info' (Mac). You will see the file size in megabytes (MB) in the respective windows.


Checking the file size of your images on a mobile device: 

Open the app and find the image you want to check the size of. Tap on it to open it. Click on 'Details' or 'Info,' where you can see the file size in megabytes (MB).





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