What should a rental contract contain?

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The rental contract describes the agreement between landlord and tenant. Therefore, it is important that all information regarding the tenancy is thoroughly described.

In the rental contract, you can specify the mutual obligations between you and the tenant. This provides the best conditions for a good cooperation.


A standard rental contract includes:

  • Tenant's and landlord's names and addresses
  • Address of the rental property, its size, inventory, condition, and usage rights

  • Information about the tenancy: start date, possible end date, rent, deposit, prepaid rent, payment terms, and utilities

  • Rules for maintenance, repair upon vacating, pets, and house rules

It's always a good idea to have a written rental contract with your landlord. Here, you should use a standard rental contract in the version called 'Typeformular A, 10. udgave' (Standard Form A, 10th edition').


Get help with the rental contract

BoligPortal has developed a free tool for creating the rental contracts via your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

With the 'Free Digital Rental Contract,' you can fill out and save the rental contract online - naturally based on the current standard rental contract of type form A10


Note: Since BoligPortal exclusively offers the Danish legally valid rental contract, the tool for creation and administration is also only available in Danish, as reflected in this guide. If you need assistance with creating, filling out, or any other related tasks, you are always welcome to contact our customer service.       

Udfyld digital lejekontrakt hos BoligPortal.png


The digital rental contract can, among other things, add correct wordings in §11 of the rental contract, where you as the landlord agree to special terms for the tenancy.

t's completely free to use, and once the rental contract is created, you can send it for the tenant's signature and also save the rental contract for future use.


The content on this page should be considered as advisory. If you need legal or financial assistance, you should contact a lawyer or accountant.





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