Can I promote my property listing to boost interest?

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When you have a free property listing on BoligPortal, you can always purchase various promotion options to make your listing visible to even more property seekers.

Note: This article is based on promotion options for private landlords. If you're registered as a professional landlord on BoligPortal, more highlighting options are available.

If you have more than 2 rental properties, you can be registered as a professional landlord for free. Contact us at for more information.


How do I promote my ad?

To purchase a promotion, simply go to the property listing you want to promote and click '+ Promote rentable'.

You can then choose the promotion option that suits you and make the payment using MobilePay or a credit card.

Promote your ad.png


Note: You purchase all promotions as a subscription service, which automatically renews every 14 days until canceled or your property is marked as reserved or rented out.


Choose from 3 highlight options

Top Ad
DKK 449,00 / 14 days*
Get to the top of the search results.
This promotion option is especially relevant for housing ads in larger cities with high competition. With a top ad, you ensure that you remain visible to potential tenants.

Open Ad
DKK 599,00 / 14 days*

Allow everyone to contact you for free.
This promotion option is particularly relevant for housing ads in smaller areas where the demand for housing is not as high. With an open ad, anyone interested can contact you, whether or not they have paid access to BoligPortal.
DKK 1.599,00 / 14 days*
Get a top and open ad, be shared on Facebook, in BoligAgent emails, and be shown on similar ads in the same and nearby areas.
This promotion option is especially relevant for housing ads that need to reach as many people as possible. If you're having trouble renting out your property, we recommend using the exposure package to maximize your visibility.

*All promotion options are automatically renewed every 14 days unless canceled or the property is marked as reserved or rented out, unless there is a special agreement with BoligPortal. Prices are subject to change.

All promotions can be canceled at any time without commitment.


What is a Top Ad and how does it work?

When a user searches for a property on BoligPortal, the property listings that match the search criteria and have purchased a Top Ad, either separately or within the Exposure Package, will be presented as the top listings.

Promoted ads in search results.png

There is space for three top ads in each search. If there are more than three top ads that match a particular search, the ads will be displayed in a rotation wheel. This ensures that all top ads receive equal exposure. Your top ad will be shown as much as others as long as your highlighting is active.

If the user clicks on 'More Featured Ads,' the wheel will rotate, and the user will be presented with three new top ads.

Additionally, it's very rare that a user only selects an area as a criterion; they typically specify other factors such as rent, number of rooms, and area, which increases your chances of being shown in the search.

Your ad will be both at the top and in its original position in the search results, in addition to being placed in the rotation at the top.


What is a Open Ad and how does it work?

On BoligPortal, all tenants must have an active housing search subscription to contact landlords. An open ad means that all tenants can freely contact you through your housing ad, whether they have a paid subscription or not.

When you purchase an open ad, your ad image will have a green banner with the text 'Free contact'. This way, your ad stands out from the rest, and it becomes clear to everyone that the payment barrier has been removed for your particular rental property.


What is Exposure and how does it work?

With the Exposure promotion option, you get the full benefit and maximum exposure of your ad across all our channels.

In addition to a top ad that positions your property at the top of the search results and an open ad that allows everyone to contact you without payment, your ad will also:

  • Appear on similar ads under 'Other properties in the area.'
  • Be visible in searches in nearby areas.
  • Be shared on Facebook in relevant, area-specific groups managed by BoligPortal.
  • Be included in SearchAgent emails from the same area under 'Similar ads.'

Example of SearchAgent email and ad placement on similar ad

Similar ads in Search Agent email.pngPlacement on similar ad.png

Example of ad sharing in local Facebook group with +10.000 followers

Fremhævning - Deling på Facebook.png






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