How do I create a standard message template in my BoligPortal inbox?

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When you advertise your property on BoligPortal, you can easily create message templates, allowing you to respond quickly to one or more inquiries with just a few clicks. We call these standard messages.

This is especially useful for those who often find themselves typing the same responses over and over again, or for those who want to provide excellent service to prospective tenants, ensuring they receive prompt replies from you.

It's entirely up to you how you want to use standard messages and which ones are relevant to you. For example, you can use them to thank prospective tenants for their inquiries, to decline an offer, or to invite them to a viewing or an open house.

How to create a standard message

  1. Go to 'Inbox' in the blue toolbar or by clicking on the envelope icon on the homepage
    After that, simply open an inquiry, so the message thread becomes visible.

  2. Click on 'Standard Messages' located just below the field where you can manually write a message

  3. Click on '+ Create' (or edit BoligPortal's standard rejection)
    BoligPortal's standard rejection is simply created by us to provide you with one pre-existing standard message. It's ready for use as it is, but you can always modify or delete it if you wish by clicking on the three vertical dots and 'Edit'.

  4. Fill in your standard message with an internal title and content in the text box
    The title is only visible in the overview, allowing you to distinguish between all your standard messages; it is not visible to the people you're sending it to.

    In the text field, write the message you want to save as a template, which will be automatically filled in the message field when you click on it in the overview. You can always customize your standard message for each prospective tenant, for example, by adding their first name after your initial greeting.

  5. Save your message template by clicking 'Create'
    Afterwards, in all your conversations, you can insert your saved standard messages by clicking on 'Standard Messages' in the chat interface.

Send rejections, invitations for viewings, or other messages to multiple prospective tenants at once

Standard messages are particularly useful when you receive many inquiries that require the same response. For example, you can select a group of people to invite for a viewing or conclude the process by sending rejections to all prospective tenants who were not offered the property.

Simply check the boxes next to all the prospective tenants you want to send the same message to and click on 'Standard Messages.' The selected message will then be sent to each prospective tenant at the same time.

Here, it can be particularly advantageous to use our flag function, where you consistently categorize your inquiries with colors based on whether, for example, they require rejection or an invitation to a viewing. Read more about how to use flags here.




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