How do I get a better overview of the inquiries in my inbox?

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If you receive a large number of inquiries on your property listing, there are several things you can do to create an overview and make it easier to identify the person or persons who would be the best fit as a tenant.

In this guide:


Mark as Reserved – Pause your listing to work in peace

If you have received a large number of applications and need some peace of mind to catch up on your inquiries, you can advantageously mark the listing as reserved.

When your rental is marked as reserved, the listing will be paused. This means that no new applications will come into your inbox, allowing you to sort through and continue the dialogue with the seekers who have already contacted you.

You mark your active listing by going to 'Advertised Rentables' and clicking on the three vertical dots next to the relevant listing, followed by 'Mark as Reserved.'


You can always remove the reservation when or if you want to receive new applications again – for example, if, after reviewing your inbox, you assess that the right candidate has not yet appeared.

To do this, you follow the same procedure as above, simply clicking on 'Advertise' under the three vertical dots.

Remember to mark your rental as leased when you have found the right tenant.

Filter messages based on your tenant criteria

To make the selection process more efficient, you can effectively filter your inquiries based on the criteria you have for your prospective tenant. This way, you can quickly sort out messages from individuals who do not meet your preferences or requirements.

You can filter by profile type, age, occupation, smoking habits, and more.

Insert search filters in your inbox by selecting the relevant rental from the list and clicking on 'Filter' in the upper right corner of the inquiry overview. Then, simply check the filters you want to apply to your search.


Sort applicants into color categories with flags

A useful tool to help you continuously keep track of your inquiries is our flag function. With this, you can regularly assign colored flags to your inquiries based on whether you find them interesting or not.

You can assign either a red, yellow, or green flag to the inquiries.


Example of using flags
If you receive many inquiries, you can, for example, assign flags to the applications like this:

🟩 Green flag = Strong candidates who should be invited for a viewing
🟨 Yellow flag = Good candidates to be remembered for a potential second viewing round
🟥 Red flag = Not interesting candidates, who should be declined


You assign flags to your messages by clicking on the 'Select color' button within the message.

Then you can search for your flagged messages using the filter function, as shown in the above guide. Afterward, you can efficiently send a standard message to all individuals with, for example, a red flag.

Read more about the flag function here.


People appreciate a response

We always recommend that you respond to all inquiries within a reasonable time. Prospective tenants often put effort into sending applications for available rentals on BoligPortal, and it can be frustrating for them if they don't hear back from you.

Therefore, it is considered good practice in leasing to react to their inquiries, whether you find them interesting or not. Often, a simple "Thank you for your message. You will hear more if you are invited for a viewing" is sufficient.

You can easily send thank-you messages, rejections, or viewing invitations with just a few clicks using standard messages, as you can read more about here.




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