What kind of listings are not allowed on BoligPortal?

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BoligPortal is a platform for housing listings that connects housing seekers with landlords.

To maintain fair and credible housing rental opportunities for all users, we have clear guidelines and rules defining what types of listings are not allowed on the platform.



The following categories are not allowed on BoligPortal:

❌  Housing sales and swaps

❌  Separate parking spaces

❌  Separate commercial premises or commercial properties

❌  Allotment gardens or vacation homes for weekly rental

❌  Rental periods under 1 month

❌  Requirements for quid pro quo

❌  Discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or religious belief

❌  Rentals that are not approved for residential use


All housing ads and landlords are validated before being published on BoligPortal. If you attempt to create a housing ad that falls into one or more of these categories, the ad will not be approved. Our validation team will contact you if your ad violates BoligPortal's rules and guidelines.


Can I sell my property on BoligPortal?

No, it is not allowed to sell your property through BoligPortal. We are solely a platform for advertising the rental of private residential properties.

Can I rent out my property which is listed for sale?

Yes, you can advertise your rental property on BoligPortal even if it is for sale. However, there are some requirements for doing so. The rental period must not exceed 3 months at a time, and you must clearly state in the title and description of the ad that the property is for sale.

Can I swap homes on BoligPortal?
No, ads for home swaps, where two parties want to exchange their homes, are not allowed on BoligPortal. The platform is exclusively for renting out homes, not for home swapping.

Can I list and rent out a parking space on BoligPortal?

No, it is not allowed to separately advertise and rent parking spaces on BoligPortal.

However, you can rent a parking space in connection with the rental of your residential property for a fixed monthly rent. It must not be a requirement and must always be cancellable independently of the lease.

Can I list and rent out commercial properties on BoligPortal?

No, it is not allowed to advertise and rent commercial properties or commercial premises on BoligPortal.

However, it is allowed to rent residential leaseholds with associated commercial premises – for example, if there are retail or clinic premises directly connected to the residence. You must not include the square meters of the commercial premises in your advertisement.

Can I list and rent out my vacation home, shed, garden house, or timeshare on BoligPortal?

You are only allowed to rent out your vacation or summer house or leisure property under special conditions. They should be rented as temporary residences, for example, as a transitional residence or for relocation.

It is not allowed to rent out allotment gardens on BoligPortal.

Special conditions for renting out summer and holiday homes:

  • The rental period must be a minimum of 1 month, and the rental period must always be clarified in the ad text.
  • There must be a fixed rental agreement with monthly rent and an associated lease agreement.
  • It must be clearly stated in the ad text and the title that it is a summer house or holiday home.
  • During the winter season, the property can be rented for a maximum of 3 months.
  • During the summer season, the property can be rented for a maximum of 6 months if there is the possibility of CPR registration.

Can I rent out my property on a weekly basis or in shorter terms?
Renting for periods of less than one month with a fixed monthly rent is not allowed since BoligPortal is an advertising platform for the rental of residential properties for permanent residence.

Can I offer reduced rent in exchange for practical work or duties?

It is not allowed to demand any form of consideration in connection with the rental of your property – neither in exchange for reduced rent nor as a requirement to rent the property.

There should be no expectation of services such as cleaning, childcare, gardening, refurbishment, or renovation that go beyond regular maintenance from the tenant.

Especially severe or personal considerations, such as those of a physical or sexual nature, lead to immediate eviction without compensation.

Can I search for a tenant of a specific gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religion?

It is not allowed to include requirements related to a specific gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or religion in your ad text or conversations with potential tenants when creating a property listing on BoligPortal.

Special rules for renting out a room:
When renting out a room in a shared living situation where you, as the landlord, also reside in the property, it is allowed to seek a tenant of a specific gender.

Can I rent out a property or a room which is not approved for residential use?
All properties advertised on BoligPortal must be approved for residential use and meet all relevant health and safety standards.

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