How do property seekers contact me?

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Interested property seekers can always contact you by sending a message to your BoligPortal inbox. When you have received a message via BoligPortal, you will receive a notification in your own email inbox.

It is also optional whether you want to provide your phone number in the listing so that property seekers can also call or text you.

However, you cannot opt out of allowing property seekers to contact you via BoligPortal's message system. Learn more about using BoligPortal's message system here.

We encourage you to respond to all property seekers who have taken the time to contact you, regardless of whether you choose them as a tenant or not.


Tip: Even if you receive many inquiries on a listing, it is easy to respond to all property seekers with the 'Standard messages' feature. Learn more about using standard messages in your inbox.



How to add/remove your phone number to/from the listing 

When creating the listing:

By default, phone contact will be deselected when setting up the listing, so you will need to actively choose to be contacted by phone.

Under 'Contact options' you need to check the box 'Phone call' and then enter the phone number that property seekers should contact you on. 

In 'Contact option' you can check the box 'Phone call' to allow property seekers to contact you by phone.png


Once the listing is created:

You can easily add or remove the phone number on an already created active listing: 

  1. Go to 'Advertised renables' in the blue menu bar in your BoligPortal user profile.

  2. Click on the listing's address - you will now be taken to the page where all the listing information can be edited

  3. In 'Listing' on the top of the page, you will find the section 'Contact options

  4. Add or remove the checkmark next to 'Phone call' depending on whether you want to receive phone inquiries or not.






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