How do I mark my housing ad as rented or reserved on BoligPortal?

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Whether you need to pause your housing ad because you've received enough applications and need peace to find the right tenant, or you've found a tenant and need to take your housing ad down on BoligPortal, you can easily mark your ad as reserved or rented directly from your profile.

Simply log in to your profile and go to your advertised rental properties, where you will find your active housing ads.

By clicking on the three dots next to the specific ad, you can choose either 'Mark as reserved' or 'Mark as rented out'.

Mark as reserved or rented out.png

Why and when should I mark my ad as rented out?

When you have found a tenant for your rental property, it's important to remember to mark your ad as rented, as it will then be removed from BoligPortal as an available property.

Once marked as rented, you will no longer receive inquiries from prospective tenants, and you can proceed with the administrative work for your new tenant, such as creating a free rental contract or move-in inspection or initiating rent collection through BoligPortal.

When your ad is marked as rented out, it is not deleted. This allows you to easily retrieve it and repost it when your tenant moves out.


Why and when should I mark my ad as reserved?

It is entirely optional whether you want to mark your ad as reserved. It is only an option you can use if you need to pause the advertising – for example, if you have received a large number of applications and need to calmly schedule viewings with those prospective tenants who have already contacted you.

When your rental is reserved, prospective tenants will no longer be able to find it on BoligPortal, and new prospective tenants will not be able to contact you.

If you don't find a tenant, you can easily remove the reservation in the same way you marked it as reserved, as shown in this guide – here you simply choose 'Advertise rental'.


BoligPortal's internal validation team also has the option to mark your rental as reserved if we encounter issues with your ad. If you find that your ad is marked as reserved, even though you didn't do it yourself, you can read more here.





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