How do I contact property seekers?

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If you are a landlord with active property listings on BoligPortal, you can always explore our database of active housing seekers using the 'Find New Tenant' feature.

Here, you will see a list of active users actively searching for a property that matches yours. The list is based on the housing seekers' active SearchAgents (the searches they have saved).

You can access this feature under the 'Find New Tenant' tab in the blue sidebar. Afterward, you need to select the active property from your list for which you want to find a tenant.

After that, you will see an overview of all the profiles that could be potential tenants for your property.

You can click on 'View Profile' to get more information about each individual.

Search specifically for profiles that match your criteria

The profiles on the list are selected solely because they are looking for a property like yours – but that doesn't necessarily mean they meet the specific requirements you may have for your future tenant.

To make the process more manageable, you can narrow down the field by applying various search filters to the view by clicking on 'Filter'.

Afterward, you simply enter the requirements you have for your future tenant – for example, age range, occupation, family structure, preferences regarding pets, smoking habits, and much more.

Following this, you will only see potential tenants who match these specific criteria.

Are you getting few hits?
The more filters you use, the narrower the search will be. If you've entered very strict requirements and feel that there aren't enough profiles, you may consider loosing them a bit.

Some filters can be interpreted in various ways – for example, whether "pets allowed" refers to a large dog or a small fish – so it's better to inquire about the tenant's specifics through a conversation.


Contact potential tenants and let them look at your listing.

If you find one or more profiles that could be interested in your property, you can reach out directly to the person by clicking on 'Contact'.

This opens a text box where you can write your message to the individual. You may want to describe why you have contacted this person specifically and what it is about your property that suits them.

The message automatically includes a link to your listing.


Note: You may experience situations where the housing seeker's search area or criteria do not perfectly match your property. This can happen if the person has chosen a very broad search area or has left certain parts of their profile incomplete.



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