Can I reject a tenant based on gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or nationality?

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Protection against discrimination in the rental market includes gender and ethnicity

As a landlord of independent rental properties, it is illegal to discriminate against existing or prospective tenants based on their gender, ethnicity, or nationality. Therefore, it is not allowed to include requirements for a specific gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or nationality in your property listing when creating a housing advertisement on BoligPortal.

However, you may require that the tenant is capable of communicating in a language you understand, such as Danish or English, if it is relevant for the rental property.


Different rules apply when renting out rooms in your private home

When you rent out a room in your private home, it is considered as home sharing, and therefore the landlord has more freedom to choose a tenant based on personal preferences – including gender. This is because the landlord will also be living in the property and has the right to choose a tenant they feel comfortable sharing their home with.

However, it should be emphasized that regardless of the situation, it is still not allowed to reject potential tenants based on their ethnicity or sexuality, as this is still discrimination and illegal in the rental housing market.


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