How do I cancel my subscription on the BoligPortal App? (Apple / iOS)

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If you have purchased your BoligPortal subscription directly through our app on your iPhone or another Apple device, your subscription runs directly through your iTunes account.

This means that you also need to cancel your subscription through this channel if you no longer wish to have it. BoligPortal does not have access to cancel the subscription for you.


If you're unsure about how to cancel your subscription on your Apple device, we recommend referring to Apple's own guide on canceling a subscription purchased through an app or the App Store.


Important regarding automatic renewal:
If you have subscribed through the App Store, please be aware that according to Apple's cancellation policy, the subscription will be renewed 24 hours before the renewal date, as indicated in the terms shown at the time of purchase. These are Apple's terms for in-app subscription purchases, and BoligPortal has no influence or capability to cancel the subscription for you.



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