The tenant does not have MitID - how should the rental contract be signed?

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You can use BoligPortal's rental contract builder to generate and sign the rental contract, even in cases where your tenant does not have MitID. 


How to sign the digital rental contract without MitID:

Note: Since BoligPortal exclusively offers the Danish legally valid rental contract, the tool for generating and managing is only available in Danish, as demonstrated in this guide. If you need assistance with creating, filling out, or any other related tasks, you are always welcome to reach out to our customer service.  


  1. Go to the 'Rental Contracts' section in your BoligPortal user profile. Complete the necessary steps in the rental contract builder.

  2. In the final step of the rental contract called 'Gennemse og færdiggør', you will find the field 'Underskriftsmetode

     Underskriv en digital lejekontrakt uden at lejer har MitID.png

  3. Choose 'Uden digital signatur (skriv under på skærmen)'

  4. When you are ready to send the contract for the tenant's signature, click 'Send til underskrift
    Both the landlord and the tenant will now receive a link via email and/or SMS, where the rental contract can be signed directly on the screen of a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Sign electronically using the screen

When the tenant does not have MitID, both of you must sign the contract electronically using the screen - even if you as the landlord have MitID.

  1. Press the link in the email or SMS you have received. 
  2. Now the completed rental contract will be displayed on the screen. At the bottom of the page, you should press the button 'Underskriv dokument'

          Underskriv lejekontrakt digitalt via skærmen.png

  3. Use your mouse, finger, or touchpad to write your signature. The electronic signature will be recorded when you press the button 'Underskrift' in the right corner. 

    Tegn eller skriv din underskrift via skærmen for at underskrive lejekontrakten uden MitID.png

  4. You have now signed the rental contract without MitID. Once the tenant has done the same, you can find the signed rental contract in your BoligPortal user profile under 'Rental Contracts'.

          Find den underskrevne lejekontrakt på din BoligPortal bruger.png  

Please note that the tenant's and landlord's signatures can be seen on the last page of the finalized rental contract






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