Can the rental contract be made for two, three or more tenants?

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Note: This is an article about BoligPortal's free service for creating and managing rental contracts, which is currently available in Danish. Therefore, images and some phrasing in this guide may appear in Danish. If you have any questions or need assistance with your rental contracts, you're always welcome to contact BoligPortal's Customer Service.


In BoligPortal's free digital rental contract, you can create as many tenants as you need. 

To add more tenants, simply click on 'Tilføj lejer' at the bottom of the section called 'Lejer'.  



If you've added too many tenants, you can always remove them by clicking on the red trash can icon on the right side. 



If you add more than two tenants, only "Lejer #1" will appear under § 1 in the finalized rental contract document. 

In paragraph 1 of the rental contract, the following text will be inserted instead: "Øvrige lejere fremgår af bilag" ("Other tenants are listed in the appendix"). 


The remaining tenants will be listed in an appendix to the rental contract. This is because the rental contract document does not have space for more than two tenants.

The appendix will automatically be inserted into the rental contract document. 

All tenants are equally entitled with respect to the lease, whether they are listed under § 1 or included in an appendix. 






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