Can I rent out commercial properties and parking spaces on BoligPortal?

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Unfortunately, it's not possible to advertise separate parking spaces, storage rooms, or commercial leases and premises on BoligPortal.

This is because at BoligPortal, we have chosen to focus exclusively on what we excel at; renting out residential properties for private use.

If you are advertising and renting out a property through BoligPortal that includes private parking, is located near good parking options, or has associated commercial premises (such as a clinic space), you are welcome to highlight this in your listing description.

You are also allowed to offer the rental of these as an add-on to your property — for example, offering the option for tenants to rent an associated private parking space for a fixed monthly fee.

However, it must not be a requirement that tenants rent parking spaces or any form of commercial premises in connection with the main lease.

It should always be optional and terminable for the tenant, without affecting the overall lease agreement.



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