How do I connect MobilePay to my rent collection through BoligPortal?

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When you have a company/business account on MobilePay you are able to set up an automatic rent collection with MobilePay on BoligPortal. In order to start your rent, you have to connect your MobilePay business account to the BoligPortal system.

*Be aware that you must be connected to the MobilePay's product Subscriptions in order to set up your automatic rent collection through BoligPortal.

1. Under Settings on BoligPortal you can read more about the automatic collection and connect your business account. You only have to click on Connect account.


2. You then choose Yes, I have a MobilePay business account, and you will now be forwarded to the log in page of MobilePay.

*Do you not have Mobile business account?  If you have questions regarding how to create a business account or have any doubts in connection to this, we refer to the Mobilepay customer support. You will also be forwarded directly to the sign-up flow on MobilePay, if you click on No, I don't have a MobilePay business account.

3. Type in your e-mail address and password, which you use on MobilePay.

4. Approve the demanded MobilePay solutions and click on Yes, allow.

5. Your MobilePay business account is now connected to BoligPortal and you can start your automatic collection of rent. Read more about how you create an automatic collection of rent through BoligPortal here.

*Are you already using BoligPortal to balance your collection of rent manually? Then you have to delete the ongoing rent collection and change the type of payment to MobilePay. Read more about it here.




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