How does my tenant sign up to my automatic rent collection?

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Note: It is not possible to create new payment agreements with MobilePay

From March 12, 2024, it is no longer possible to create new agreements for automatic rent collection using MobilePay. This is due to changes in MobilePay's terms. If you, as a landlord, have been using MobilePay for rent collection before March 12, 2024, you can continue to use MobilePay as a payment agreement for automatic rent collection.

Therefore, the content of this guide is intended for those who already have a payment agreement with MobilePay.


Once you have created and activated automatic rent collect with MobilePay, the tenant will automatically receive an email and/or SMS with an activation link to set up the payment agreement.

This is necessary before the payment agreement is approved and ready for use.

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How the tenant signs up for automatic rent collection via MobilePay using registration link 

  1. The tenant must click on the in the email or SMS. 

    If the link is clicked on a phone, the registration page will automatically open in the tenant's MobilePay app.

    If the link is clicked on a computer, the tenant will first need to enter their phone number, after which the MobilePay app will automatically open on their phone. 

  2. After this, the tenant must complete 3 steps in MobilePay's registration flow before the payment agreement is activated. 

  3. When the registration flow is completed and approved, the tenant will receive a confirmation message on the screen.

  4. Immediately after, you as the landlord will automatically be notified via email 

    If you have signed up for communication via SMS, you will also receive a notification there. You can change this under 'Settings' on your profile.

    You will also receive a confirmation notification about the approved payment agreement in your rent overview for the respective rental on your BoligPortal profile.


Your payment agreement for automatic rent collect via MobilePay is then approved and set up for the respective tenant, and the rent will automatically be withdrawn from the tenant on each payment date. Therefore, neither you nor the tenant need to take any further action.

The tenant can always monitor the payment agreement, upcoming collections, and any payment changes – such as rent adjustments and individual collections – in their MobilePay app.

Note: The payment agreement must be approved and completed by the tenant 2 days before the first withdrawal.




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