How do I change my rent collection from bank transfer to MobilePay?

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If you wish to change your rent collection from manual balancing (bank transfer) to automatic collection (MobilePay), you first have to decide what monthe the rent collection through bank transfer should stop.

*Do you wish to change the rent collection from automatic collection with MobilePay to manual balancing through bank transfer, the procedure is the same.

1. Click on Stop collection of rent

2. Choose last month of payment and confirm your choice.

When the collection of rent i stopped, you will se a red banner on the page, which confirms the choice and inform you about the date of the last payment.

3. Now click on Start rent again and choose automatic rent collection with MobilePay.

*You need to connect your business account on MobilePay with BoligPortal in order to use the automatic rent collection.

4. Make sure, that the previous entered information is correct, choose the date for the first payment with the new type of payment and confirm your automatic rent collection by clicking Save rent setup...

*The system will not give you the option to choose the same month as you have chosen as the last month with payment through bank transfer.

5. Double check your typed in information and finish by clicking Start rent.

6. Your rent collection now awaits that the tenant sign up to the payment agreement.

7. When the tenant has approved the payment agreement, the rent collection vil go on automatically from the month you have typed in under point 4.


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