Can I receive SMS notifications regarding my rent collection?

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If you, as a landlord, collect rent through BoligPortal and use a collection service – for example, Betalingsservice or MobilePay* – you have the option to receive automatic notifications regarding missing rent payments.

This way, you always have an overview of whether one or more of your tenants have not paid their rent on time.

*Note: Please be aware that it is no longer possible to create new payment agreements with MobilePay. This is due to changes in MobilePay's terms. It is only possible to use MobilePay for automatic rent collection if you have created the payment agreement before March 12, 2024.


How to enable notifications for missing rent payments

  1. Log in and click on your user profile in the top right corner  

  2. Click on 'Settings' and then on the 'Rent' tab.

  3. Go to the 'Reminders on missing payments' section and fill in the fields.
    You can choose whether to receive notifications about missing rent payments via SMS, email, or both by checking the box next to your preferred notification channel.

    If you want notifications via SMS, remember to enter your phone number in the box that appears when you check 'SMS'.


  4. Finish by clicking 'Save Changes'.

Note: It is not possible to change the email address where you receive notifications about missing rent payments. It is automatically filled with the email address associated with your account.


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