How do I create a single amount payment for my rent collection?

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At BoligPortal, you can of course always add or subtract a one-time amount to your rent.

This may be relevant for the annual utility statement, where you either need to charge or write off an amount in connection with your tenant's advance payments, or if your tenant wishes to rent a common room for an agreed amount.


In this guide, we will cover:

  • How to add a one-time payment to a rent payment
  • How to subtract an amount from a rent payment
  • How to delete or change your added or subtracted one-time amounts

It is only possible to add or subtract one-time amounts to future rent payments.


How to add or subtract a one-time amount for your tenant

  1. Find the tenant who needs a one-time amount added or subtracted under 'Tenancies' and click 'Go to rent →'.
    This opens an overview of the tenant's rent payments, including the upcoming 3, 6, or 12 months' payments.

  2. Find the relevant payment month on the list.
    In this example, we choose to add and subtract an amount from the tenant's rent payment as of August 1st.

  3. Click on the three dots on the side and choose 'Add/subtract single amount for this payment'.
  4. Select the payment type, name, and amount for the payment.
    → Important: If you need to subtract an amount, you must enter the amount with a minus (-) sign in front of it. This will automatically subtract the amount from the selected rent collection. 
  5. Check that your entries are correct under 'Sum up'
    Here, each individual posting and the total amount the tenant needs to pay for the relevant month are displayed.

  6. Finish by clicking on 'Add single amount to payment'

  7. You can now see the one-time payment in the payment overview.
    It will show 'Added one-time payment' for the relevant month along with the current, updated amount to be paid.

    Hover your mouse over the green field to display a black box with the relevant payment types and amounts.


Did you make a mistake and want to change or delete the one-time payment or charge?

If you made errors in the amounts or accidentally added or subtracted the amount in the wrong billing month, you can still change the payment as long as the rent has not been processed from the tenant.

Simply go to the rent collection you want to change or delete and follow the above guide from step 3.

To delete the one-time payment, click on the trash can icon next to the amount(s) you wish to delete.

To change the one-time payment, just make the desired changes to the payment type, name, or amount.




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