Can I use my private MobilePay account for automatic rent collection?

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Note: It is not possible to create new payment agreements with MobilePay

From March 12, 2024, it is no longer possible to create new agreements for automatic rent collection using MobilePay. This is due to changes in MobilePay's terms. If you, as a landlord, have been using MobilePay for rent collection before March 12, 2024, you can continue to use MobilePay as a payment agreement for automatic rent collection.

Therefore, the content of this guide is intended for those who already have a payment agreement with MobilePay.


It is unfortunately not possible to use your private MobilePay when using the automatical rent collection on BoligPortal.

To be able to set up an automatical rent collection via MobilePay, you have to have a company account/business account with MobilePay.

If you do not have a company account/business account with MobilePay, you can follow this guide.


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