The tenant has not paid the rent - What do I do?

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If a tenant has not paid the rent as agreed, there are a number of steps you can take to handle the situation, depending on how you have chosen to manage rent collection.


Note: In this guide, it is stated that you can collect rent automatically via MobilePay. Please be aware that as of March 12, 2024, it is no longer possible to create new payment agreements with MobilePay due to a change in MobilePay's terms and conditions.
Therefore, all information about automatic rent collection with MobilePay is only relevant for landlords who have set up a payment agreement before March 12, 2024.


If you collect rent automatically via MobilePay or Betalingsservice

Tenant or tenant’s bank has rejected the payment:

Even though the tenant has accepted and activated the automatic payment agreement in MobilePay or in their online banking, both the tenant and the tenant’s bank always have the option to reject a single month's payment – for example, due to insufficient funds in the payment account.

We always recommend that you activate reminders for missed payments on your BoligPortal account. This way, you will automatically receive notifications via email or SMS if the tenant does not pay the rent on time.

It will also be indicated in your overview of the tenancy's rent whether the payment has been rejected by the tenant.

Note: This simply means that the tenant has rejected this one month’s payment, and this payment will not be collected. Therefore, the payment agreement will still be active, and MobilePay or Betalingsservice will continue to withdraw future rent payments.

Solution: If the tenant or the tenant’s bank rejects the payment, you should contact your tenant to arrange an alternative payment method for this single payment – for example, the tenant transferring the amount manually via a bank transfer.

Once the tenant has transferred the rent to you, you must mark the rent as 'Paid' in the above overview.

It will then appear in the payment overview that the payment was made manually

All future payments will continue to be collected automatically via MobilePay or Betalingsservice.


If you collect rent manually via bank transfer

Tenant has forgotten or failed to make the bank transfer:

When your tenant pays their rent each month via a bank transfer, it requires you to manually check your account to ensure that the tenant has paid their full rent on time.

If the tenant has not paid – whether it is due to forgetfulness or deliberate – you need to contact them and make a plan for how or when the rent will be paid.


BoligPortal is an advertising platform, which is why we do not provide guidance or legal assistance in connection with conflicts or issues between tenants and landlords. If you need legal help or advice, we recommend that you consult a housing lawyer or another party that represents landlords' interests.





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