How do I pay my rent through MobilePay?

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When your landlord has set up your rent for automatic collection with MobilePay, you will receive an email and/or an SMS with a link to set up the payment agreement via MobilePay. Start betaingsaftale MobilePay som lejer.png  

  1. When you click on the email or SMS on your phone, you will automatically be directed to the registration flow in your MobilePay app. If you access the email on your computer, you will first need to enter your phone number, after which you will be notified in your MobilePay app - just like when you shop online with MobilePay payment.

  2. Afterwards, you need to complete the following three steps before the payment agreement is activated.

          Tilmeldingsflow til huslejebetaling hos MobilePay.png

  3. The payment agreement is now activated, and you will see the following message:

      Bekræftelsesbesked på huslejebetaling via MobilePay.png  

In your MobilePay app, you will continuously be able to monitor the payment agreement and see how much you will be charged the following month/quarter. This applies even if your landlord has adjusted the rent, added individual charges, or similar.

Your landlord will be notified when you have successfully enrolled, or if you haven't enrolled within 14 days.

If your rent payment needs to be deducted directly from a specific bank account, you must first follow this guide.




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