How do I pay my rent through MobilePay?

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If your landlord has created a rent collection through MobilePay on BoligPortal you will automatically receive an email and/or SMS with a link to set up your payment agreement with MobilePay. 


1. Click the link in your mail/SMS. You will then be able to set up your payment agreement with MobilePay. 

2. You must complete the following steps in order to complete the agreement. You will not be charged anything immediately after the sign up flow. 

*You are also able to set up the payment agreement directly through your bank account instead of your credit card. Read more about it here (the guide is unfortunately only available in Danish).


3. Your landlord will be informed that your sign up has been accepted. If you do not sign up within 14 days your landlord will also be informed. 

4. Your rent will automatically be charged every month/quarter. In your MobilePay app, you will be able to keep an eye on the payment agreement and see how much you will be charged the following month/quarter. This also applies if your landlord has regulated the rent, introduced individual collections, etc.

*If you have any questions regarding the specific rent payment, please contact your landlord directly. 



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