How do I register defects and damages in BoligPortal's Moving Inspection?

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In BoligPortal's Moving Inspection app, you can easily and digitally report faults and deficiencies for your move-in and move-out inspections.

You can assess the condition of all rooms and units, document issues in writing and with pictures, determine necessary repairs, and much more.

Note: BoligPortal's Moving Inspection tool – whether you use our website or app – is currently available only in Danish and Swedish, which is why the images in this guide appear in Danish.

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How to register defects and deficiencies in BoligPortal's Moving Inspection tool

You'll find a video walkthrough of this guide at the bottom of the article.

  1. Go to 'Moving Inspections' on your user profile or via BoligPortal's Moving Inspection app and select the desired inspection report from the list

  2. Select the 'Gennemgang af rum' (Room Inspection) section within the selected rental property

  3. Choose the room where the defect or deficiency is located
    Select a room by clicking on it. You can also rename or delete rooms by clicking on the three dots next to the room's name

    Do you want to add a new room?

    Add a new room by clicking on the square with a '+' in the middle.

    Then choose the room type (such as a bedroom, bathroom, or outdoor area) and name it (e.g., 'Guest Bathroom' or 'Basement Storage')

    Afterward, the room will appear in the list with the other rooms. You can rename or delete rooms in the room overview at any time to accurately reflect the current rental property.

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    Do you want to create the same defect in multiple rooms?
    You can easily register the same defect across multiple rooms in your rental property – for example, if all walls in all rooms need to be painted or if the tenant needs to be instructed to clean all floors. 

    Click on '+ Opret fejl' (Create Defect) in the room overview, and then check the relevant units you want to apply the same defect to. You can use the search bar to find the specific unit type, such as "Vægge" (Walls).

    Describe the defect in the text field, select the solution for rectification, and attach images for documentation
    Opret fejl på tværs af rum på BoligPortal.gif

  4. Select or add the unit you want to note a defect on and click '+ Opret fejl' (Create Defect)
    You can rename or delete a unit by clicking on the three dots next to the unit's name.

    Want to add a new unit?

    You can add a new unit, such as a bathtub in the bathroom, by clicking '+ Tilføj enhed' (Add Unit) at the bottom of the list of units when you're inside the relevant room.

    Afterward, choose the unit type, give it a name, and click 'Tilføj' (Add).

    The unit will then appear in the list with the other units present in the room. You can rename or delete units in the overview as needed.

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  5. Describe the defect, fill in the rectification, and optionally add a picture of the defect
    You can add images by clicking '+ Tilføj billede' (Add Image).

  6. Finish by clicking '+ Opret fejl' (Create Defect)

  7. Complete the process by clicking 'Markér som færdig' (Mark as done) after you have reviewed all units in the respective rooms


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