Can the report be automatically forwarded to others when the inspection is completed?

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When you create a moving inspection through BoligPortal, whether you do it via your profile on or use our inspection reports app, you can easily add one or more recipients to receive a copy of the report.

This can be useful if an administrator, janotir, owner, or other relevant person need access to the report as soon as the inspection is completed.

To add recipients, when you create or complete the inspection, go to the first tab 'Detaljer om synet' under the 'Kopimodtager' field.

Here, simply enter the email address of the person(s) who should receive a copy of all documents related to the specific inspection. You can add multiple emails by clicking '+ Tilføj kopimodtager'.

Tilføj kopimodtager i flyttesynet.png

Indsæt mailadresser på kopimodtagere.png

Once the moving inspection has been conducted, and the report has been signed by all parties, both you and the added recipients (kopimodtagere) will receive the final report via email.



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