Can BoligPortal help fill out the rental contract correctly?

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Note: This is an article about BoligPortal's free service for creating and managing rental contracts, which is currently available in Danish. Therefore, images and some phrasing in this guide may appear in Danish. If you have any questions or need assistance with your rental contracts, you're always welcome to contact BoligPortal's Customer Service.

The free rental contract builder is designed to make it easy for the landlords to fill out and sign the rental contract digitally. 

As a landlord, you must enter all information yourself, as it is a legal document between landlord and tenant. 

At BoligPortal we are always ready to assist you with any technical questions regarding filling out the digital rental contract. 

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Frequently asked questions about the digital rental contract:



Are you in doubt about section 11 or section 10?

For some landlords, filling out the special terms of the rental contract in section 11 as well as filling out the house rules of the tenancy in section 10 may raise questions. 

Here, it may be advantageous to use BoligPortal's lawyer-approved standard texts, which are provided in the digital rental contract builder. 

  • Lawyer-approved texts for section 11 / § 11
    You'll find BoligPortal's standard terms under the section 'Særlige vilkår' in the rental contract builder

  • Approved standard house rules
    You'll find BoligPortal's standard house rules under the section 'Bilag og øvrige'


Do you need legal advice?

At BoligPortal, we do not have the legal expertise to provide guidance on law or rental legislation. 

If you need legal assistance with your specific rental contract, we recommend you contact a lawyer or other legal entity specializing in rental law. 


Do you have technical questions?

If you cannot find answers to your technical questions regarding filling out, signing, or storing the digital rental contract, you are very welcome to contact BoligPortal customer service. 









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