How do I add my own logo and company signature to my rental contracts via BoligPortal?

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As a landlord on BoligPortal, you have the option to customize your moving inspections with your company's branding, including your logo and signature.

This means that even though you use BoligPortal's tools to create and manage your lease agreement contracts, all communication to your tenants will have you as the sender:

  • Your logo is added to your rental contracts and emails to your tenants
  • Your company's contact information is added at the bottom of all emails to your tenants
  • For SMS reminders, the sender will appear neutral, and each message will be concluded with your company's name.


How to set up your company's branding and signature for your rental contracts

  1. Go to 'Settings' in your user profile and click on the 'Branding' tab

  2. Check the box for 'Use your own branding'
    You can only fill in the remaining fields after selecting this option.

  3. Add your company's logo by clicking on 'Browse' or dragging the file into the field
    It's recommended to upload your logo in the best possible quality to ensure it looks good in your reports, contracts, and emails.

  4. Enter your company's information in the 'Email' field
    You can choose whether to indicate the sender as just your company's name or include your name or a contact person's name – for example, 'Joanna Jensen from MyRentalCompany Inc.'

  5. Complete the process by clicking 'Save changes.'


When you set up your custom company branding, your logo and signature will appear in everything sent to your tenants on your behalf through BoligPortal.



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