What is automatic enrollment for electricity, and how do I enroll my tenant?

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At BoligPortal, we have made it simple for you to enroll your tenant in an electricity agreement, saving you from the administrative hassle and work associated with the registration.

This offer has several advantages, as it ensures, as a landlord, that you avoid being responsible for an electricity bill if the tenant is not correctly registered.

Furthermore, we guarantee a secure data transfer in compliance with GDPR regulations.

When you create a digital lease agreement on BoligPortal, you have the option to choose automatic enrollment of your tenant for electricity. We automatically obtain an authorization in connection with the tenant's signing of the contract.

You also have the option to assist your tenant with the registration through our free digital move-in inspection.

Note: For your lease agreement to be legally valid and effective, it must be created as Typeform A10, which is the one we offer at BoligPortal. This contract type is a Danish legal document that must be filled out in its Danish form to be valid. Therefore, you may notice that some descriptions and images in this guide are in Danish.

How to enroll a tenant in an automatic electricity agreement via BoligPortal


    1. Create a lease agreement for the desired rental property

      You can create a digital lease agreement in two ways:

      Method 1: Click on 'All rentals' in the blue sidebar and find the rental property to which you want to associate a lease agreement. Then click on the three dots ( ⋮ ) and select 'Create rental contract'.

      Create rental contract under All Rentables.png
      Method 2: Click on 'Rental contracts' in the blue sidebar, and click the 'Opret lejekontrakt' (Create Rental contract) button in the upper corner.


    2. When you have entered the rental contract builder, go to the 'Forbrug (utilities)' tab and find the 'Tilmeld lejer til el (Register tenant for electricity)' field. Here, select 'Mellem lejer og forsyningsselskab (Between tenant and utility company)'.


    3. Choose the electricity provider you and the tenant want to use
      You can learn more about the specific benefits and conditions for each provider by clicking on 'Read more' next to each option.

    4. Complete the rest of the lease agreement, and remember to add the tenant's CPR number
      When you add automatic registration for electricity for your tenant, the tenant, through the signature of the lease agreement, authorizes the electricity provider to register and handle all practical matters for both parties. Therefore, it is important that you remember to include the tenant's CPR number in the lease agreement.

      Note: The tenant's CPR number will not be visible in the final lease agreement but will be used solely in connection with the authorization for registration of the chosen electricity agreement.

      You add the tenant's CPR number under the 'Lejer' (Tenant) tab in the menu.

    5. Complete the creation of the lease agreement with your and the tenant's signatures under 'Gennemse og færdiggør' (Review and Complete)
      Afterward, an authorization will automatically be sent to the selected electricity company, which will establish the electricity agreement on behalf of the tenant.

The tenant always has the option to change the type of electricity they prefer at any time.

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