Is it possible to choose a specific bank account for my rent collection via MobilePay?

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Note: It is not possible to create new payment agreements with MobilePay

From March 12, 2024, it is no longer possible to create new agreements for automatic rent collection using MobilePay. This is due to changes in MobilePay's terms. If you, as a landlord, have been using MobilePay for rent collection before March 12, 2024, you can continue to use MobilePay as a payment agreement for automatic rent collection.

Therefore, the content of this guide is intended for those who already have a payment agreement with MobilePay.

If you use
MobilePay for automatic rent collection from your tenants, you are free to choose which payment location – that is, which account on your business user on MobilePay – you want your rent payments to go into.


How to choose which bank account rent should be paid into via MobilePay

To add different accounts for your rent collection, make sure you have linked your bank accounts to your MobilePay business user.

This is done in your settings with MobilePay.

If you have questions about this part, please contact MobilePay's customer service, as it is not an area we have influence over or can provide guidance on at BoligPortal.


  1. Start your rent setup as usual.

  2. When you reach the section 'How should the rent be collected and paid?', select MobilePay, and then choose the desired linked account.

    If you have linked more than one account to your MobilePay Business account, these will be visible when you click on the drop-down menu under 'Choose payment location'.


  3. Fill in or update the rest of the information for the rent setup, and finish by clicking 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

    Afterwards, this tenant's rent will be deposited into the specific account you have chosen.





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