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You are in BoligPortal's Support Center. Visit to find housing ads and start your property search. 

Go to the front page and enter the city ind the search field.png


In BoligPortal's Support Center, you will find informative articles with assistance for property searching or property leasing. On BoligPortal's front page, you can search by cities and find all the advertised rental properties. 


How do I use the search field on

When you enter the homepage of BoligPortal, you will see a white search field at the top of the page. This is where you should enter the city in which you want to find a rental property

  1. Type the name of the city in the search field
    For example, 'Aarhus', 'Copenhagen', 'Odense', or 'Horsens', depending on where you hope to find your new home.

  2. Click on the cityname
    You will see a list of areas that match your search. Select the most suitable location. For instance, if you search for 'Aalborg', you can choose the entire Aalborg area, or just specific areas such as Aalborg SØ or Aalborg East.

  3. Adjust your search criteria
    You will now see a list of rental properties in your selected area. Use the left-hand menu to further specify your preferences, including property category, price, size, and number of rooms.

Type your choice of city in the search field and adjust the search.gif




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