Can I rent out my property that is for sale?

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On BoligPortal, you can rent out your property that is for sale. However, it is a requirement that all of the following rules are followed before your advertisement with a property for sale is approved:

  • The rental period must be limited to a maximum of 3 months.
  • The ad must clearly state that the property is for sale – both in the title and description.
  • The ad may not specify the sale price or link to a sales ad.
  • The ad may not contain requirements for purchasing.
  • The ad may not include demands that the tenant should prepare the property for viewing.

Note: There are special rules regarding tenant termination in a sold property.

In general, the sale of a property is not a valid reason to terminate a lease agreement. As a landlord, you can terminate the tenant with 12 months' notice if you, as the owner, need to live in the property.

With the sale, the new buyer is compelled to become the landlord of the property. If the new buyer wants to live in the rental property, there is also a 12-month notice period.

The landlord of the property for sale and the tenant can make an agreement for a mutually short notice period, such as one to three months, so the tenant can quickly move out when the property is sold. However, this agreement is not valid according to the rental law, and the tenant can theoretically continue to reside under such an agreement.

Unless a fixed-term lease agreement has been made, the landlord cannot terminate the tenant upon the sale of the property, which is the basis for our rule that the rental period in the property ad can be a maximum of 3 months.


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