How do I collect defects and deficiencies when the tenant moves in?

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This is an article about BoligPortal's free service for conducting and managing moving inspection reports, which is currently available in Danish. Therefore, images and some phrasing in this guide may appear in Danish. 

If you have any questions or need assistance with your moving inspection reports, you're always welcome to contact BoligPortal's Customer Service

If you rent out more than one rental property in Denmark, you have a legal obligation to conduct an entry or move-in inspection, where you and the tenant together go through the rental property and document existing defects and deficiencies.

This way, both you and the tenant have a clear understanding of which damages and wear and tear the tenant is responsible for upon moving out.

BoligPortal offers you a free digital tool to manage and document your entry inspections.

How your tenant reports faults and defects on moving in

  1. Activate the 14-day fault and deficiency period when you create your move-in inspection

    When you create a move-in inspection through BoligPortal, remember to check the box for 'Indhent fejl og mangler fra lejer' (Collect faults and deficiencies from tenant).

    You can find the box under the 14 dages fejl- og mangelperiode' i 'Detaljer om synet'.Indhent fejl og mangler .png

    It's important that you fill in the start date of the lease in the date field, including a time. This is typically but not always the takeover date specified in the lease agreement.

    The tenant's 14-day reporting period for registering faults and deficiencies will then start from this date.

  2. The tenant now has 14 days to report faults and deficiencies.

    This happens when the tenant receives a link via email and SMS.

    The link takes the tenant to a reporting page linked to your move-in report, where they can specify faults and deficiencies in rooms and on fixtures and inventory, as well as add photos and other documentation.

    Each time the tenant reports a fault or deficiency, they receive an email receipt confirming that the issue has been added to the report.

    The tenant has the entire 14-day period to report faults and deficiencies. Once the 14 days have passed, the tenant's ability to report faults and deficiencies will cease.

    As a landlord, you can continuously monitor the tenant's creation of faults and deficiencies in the individual lease's move-in report under '14 dages fejl og mangler' (14 days of faults and deficiencies).

  3. When the period expires, both the tenant and you (the landlord) will receive a summary of reported faults and deficiencies.

    The summary is automatically sent to the tenant via email and SMS, and you will receive it via email as well. You can also always find the summary within the move-in report on your profile on BoligPortal under 'Inspection reports'.

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