How do I cancel the promotion on my rental ad?

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If you have purchased a promotion for your rental ad – for example, Top Ad, Open Ad, or Exposure – the promotion will be automatically canceled when the rental is marked as rented or reserved in BoligPortal's system.

Note that you are responsible for marking your ad as rented or reserved. Read how to do this in this guide.


If you wish to cancel the promotion of your ad before your rental is reserved or rented, simply follow this guide:


  1. Go to 'Advertised rentals' on your profile and click on the address of the ad you want to cancel the promotion for
    Go to advertised rentalbles.png
  2. Go to the 'Listing' tab and then to the 'Promote ad on BoligPortal' box
    In this example, the promotion option 'Open ad' has been purchased, which is canceled by clicking on 'Cancel Open ad' and then confirming the cancellation.
    Go to promoted ad on BoligPortal.png


Cancel Promotion.png

When the promotion has been unsubscribed, you will receive a receipt for this by email.


Note: If you reactivate your rental before the promotion period expires, the promotion subscription will automatically continue. Therefore, you must actively go in and cancel it if you no longer want your promotion.



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