Can I search rentals in larger areas?

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If you wish to search for properties or get a better overview of where and how many available rental units there are in a larger area, you can use our map feature in your search.


How to use BoligPortal's map feature

      1. Choose the type of property you are searching for under 'Categories' on the BoligPortal homepage
        You can select whether you are looking for apartments, rooms, houses, townhouses, or all types.

      2. Click on 'Map' in the left column.
        If you're using the function on your mobile, you will find 'Map' just below the orange Search Agent box

      3. Now you can zoom in or out to the desired area
        The bubbles on the map indicate how many available properties there are in the selected area.

        You can narrow down the results by filtering your search criteria in the left column – such as property type, rent level, number of rooms, move-in date, and many more. This way, you will only see rentals that match your preferences.

        In the mobile version, you can filter your search criteria by tapping the round white button in the top-right corner of the map.



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