What does it cost to search for housing on BoligPortal?

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To contact landlords on BoligPortal, you need an active housing search subscription. Here are several options to choose from:

  • 24-hour subscription with limited access for 29 DKK.
    Automatically renews after 24 hours and continues as a full-access subscription with automatic renewal every 28 days for 349 DKK.
    Note: Only for new users. Read more about limited access here.
  • 4-week subscription with full access for 349 DKK
    Automatically renews every 28 days for 349 DKK.
  • 2-month subscription with full access for 499 DKK
    Automatically renews every 62 days for 499 DKK.

All our subscriptions come with automatic renewal, no binding, and can be canceled at any time within the active payment period.

Remember that you can also use BoligPortal without a subscription. You can search for housing, save your favorites, and sign up for as many Housing Agents as you like, so you automatically receive email notifications when new listings match your criteria.

What is the difference between limited and full access?

You get



Written contact
Contact all landlords directly on the listing via BoligPortal Inbox

Available for 24 hours


Visible Search Profile
Be visible as a potential tenant and be found by landlords on BoligPortal



Access to Your Inbox
Read and respond to ongoing conversations with landlords after the subscription expires

Inbox will be locked if the subscription is canceled within 24 hours


Phone numbers on Landlords
See the landlord's phone number on the ad if provided*



*It's up to each individual landlord whether they want to be contacted by phone, which is why phone numbers are only available on ads where the landlord has provided it.


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