What does unlimited, time limited and sublease mean?

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As a general rule, a rental property in Denmark is always leased for an unlimited period – that is until the lease is terminated by the tenant.

However, the landlord has the option to set a time limit on the lease. This means that the landlord can rent out the property for a specified period – for example, 12 months.

A time limitation is only valid if the landlord has a valid reason to limit the rental period instead of keeping it indefinite, or if the property is being sublet.


Unlimited lease

During an unlimited lease period, the tenancy continues until the tenant terminates it.

The landlord cannot terminate the tenant unless the tenant breaches the terms of the lease agreement.

Time limited

The lease period is agreed upon to last for a limited period in the rental contract. The tenancy automatically ends after this period.

Unless there is a specific notice provision in the lease contract, neither the tenant nor the landlord can terminate the lease agreement. The time limitation must be justified in the lease contract.


The current tenant (not the property's original landlord) sublets all or part of their rental property for a limited period. 

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