Are all properties on BoligPortal available for rent?

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All the properties that you can search for on BoligPortal are, as a starting point, available for rent.

However, it's the landlords themselves who advertise their properties through BoligPortal, which is why they are also responsible for removing the ads or marking the properties as rented. Therefore, at BoligPortal, we cannot guarantee that all landlords remember to take down the property ads the moment they are rented.

The fact that the landlord doesn't respond to your message immediately does not necessarily mean that the property is not available.

At BoligPortal, we actively request landlords to address property ads that have been listed for a long time.

If you come across an ad that has been listed for a long time, you are always welcome to contact BoligPortal's customer service and provide the property's case number. We will then investigate further and ensure that the ad is removed if the property has been rented.


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