Can I share my profile with others?

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Your profile is personal, and it is solely for your own use to access your login, password, and services.

You are not allowed to lend or resell your profile, and it is against our rules to share information from BoligPortal – such as contact information of landlords – with anyone.

If you are searching for a home together with others – such as family members, your partner, or roomies – it is permitted to use the profile collectively.

In that case, you should indicate in your profile information that you are searching for a home together with others.


Violation of these rules will result in the suspension of your profile without compensation.


Are you seeking on behalf of others, including clients or users?

If you work for a company, public institution, humanitarian organisation or the like, and you are searching for properties on behalf of someone else, you need a special agreement with us.

Contact us on with an description of your situation. 


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