How do I set up rent collection through BoligPortal?

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As a landlord on BoligPortal, you can easily and securely collect rent from your tenants – no matter how many you have.

You choose how you want to collect the rent

  • Automatic collection through Betalingsservice / PBS
  • Manual reconciliation through bank transfer
  • Automatic collection through MobilePay*

How to set up rent collection

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    1. Go to Rent collection in the system
      You can find this under Rent collection in the blue sidebar - or by selecting the desired rental property in your rental overview and choosing the Rent overview tab.

    2. Select the tenancy for the rental property 
      Create a new tenant by selecting New tenancy - or choose an existing tenant if you have already created a tenant for the property in the system.


    3. Choose the desired payment method - MobilePay*, Betalingsservice (PBS), or manual reconciliation via bank transfer.
      If you already have a MobilePay Business account with multiple payment locations linked to it, you need to choose which account this rent should be deposited to.

    4. Enter the amounts you will charge in rent and utilities
      In addition to the rent price, you have the option to enter various separate amounts by clicking on the button + Add amount – such as on-account payment for water and heating, tenant representation, parking space rental, laundry facilities, and much more.

      The total monthly rent, including all expenses, will be displayed in DKK under Total

    5. Enter the payment dates for the rent collection
      The field First time the tenant paid/pays rent records the date of the first automatic collection. If your tenant has already paid the first month's rent in connection with signing the lease agreement, you should indicate the next month instead.

    6. Go to the Tenant information field and register information about your tenant
      If you have already selected a tenancy under point 2, these fields will be filled with your tenant's information.

      → Important: Have you selected MobilePay* as the collection method? It is crucial that you remember to add the tenant's email and/or phone number. The tenant will receive a request for approval of the payment agreement in their MobilePay app.

      Once the tenant has approved the agreement, you will receive a notification via email or phone, and the rent will be automatically collected thereafter.

    7. Finish by saving the setup
      Press Save rent setup at the bottom of the page – and remember to finalize the setup by double-checking the information and confirming your selection.

*Note: Please be aware that it is no longer possible to create new payment agreements with MobilePay. This is due to changes in MobilePay's terms. It is only possible to use MobilePay for automatic rent collection if you have created the payment agreement before March 12, 2024.

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